Tenants Services

Here at Lease myProperty we are industry specialists who love helping homeowners just like you lease their property. Let us manage your properties, tenants and maintenance work so you can continue enjoying your life - we got this from here on out.

Tenancy Manager Service

If you’re looking for advice on your tenancy agreement, this service is right for you! Our team at Lease myProperty will review you tenancy agreement before you sign it and ensure you know exactly what you are getting into. We will also support you through every step of your tenancy period. For a small fee, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our professionals have your back.

Best Tenant Services in Canada
Tenant Services in Canada


Have you been asked to make repairs,perform routine maintenance on the propertyby your landlord? Or are you coming to the end of your tenancy period and need to make some repairs to ensure you get your deposit back? If so, then contact us today because here at Lease myProperty we work with generalcontractors and handymen to offer you with services that you need to get the work done.