Tenant Management Services

Lease myProperty offers the best and affordable tenant management services. It has a team of industry specialists who love helping homeowners just like you lease their property. Getting tenancy management services from us will reduce risk and save you money. Our tenant management services are built to meet your expectations and needs. We assure to manage all types of tenancy issues. We provide clear cut communication between the landlord and the tenant. We also take care of lease agreement and rent payments. Any kind of repairs and maintenance will be taken care by our team.

Tenancy Manager Service

If you’re looking for advice on your tenancy agreement, this service is right for you! Our team at Lease myProperty will review your tenancy agreement before you sign it and ensure you know exactly what you are getting into. We will also support you through every step of your tenancy period. For a small fee, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our professionals have your back.

Best Tenant Management Services in Canada
Tenancy Management Services in Canada


Have you been asked to make repairs,perform routine maintenance on the propertyby your landlord? Or are you coming to the end of your tenancy period and need to make some repairs to ensure you get your deposit back? If so, then contact us today because here at Lease myProperty we work with general contractors and handymen to offer you with services that you need to get the work done.

What is Tenant Management?

Tenant management services are responsible for providing tenants with everything they need in the apartment they rented. They help in reducing and eliminating problems that often occur when you rent a property. Many property owners chose to use tenant management services for many reasons.

These include a busy schedule, lack of professional understanding of property management, stress, and many more. Hiring tenant management services put your property owner's heart at rest.

This is because they know their property is in safe hands and will be managed properly. It also helps them yield better profit and they will have the best tenant in their property. We at Lease myProperty provide tenant placement services along with taking care of several things including tenant agreement, tenant act, and tenancy management. We also offer homeowner management services helping homeowners and landlords in leasing their property.

Advantages of Tenant management services 

Marketing of properties

Marketing of properties is one of the most valuable services of tenant management services. If you have a good property and no one is advertising it, you will not have anyone to rent it out for. Tenant management services create strategies that will catch the attention of the renting demographics.

This will attract the right tenant that will stay longer in your property. Tenant management services also use online marketing to reach out to potential tenants. They are experts in the field and they produce results that are more effective than property owners.

Available to show properties

The first step before a potential tenant decides to rent a property is seeing the property. Tenant management services are always available to show potential tenants the properties. They pay attention to every detail of the house and also advise the property owner on what to change or adjust to boost the value of the property. 

Tenant management services give potential tenants a good impression and also find out all the information about the tenant. Unlike property owners who do not have experience when it comes to showing properties. 

Tenant management services have all the experience needed to impress and convince the potential tenant to rent the property. They also take their time and do not rush when it comes to making decisions. This allows them to find the best tenant for the property. 

Tenant screening 

Tenant management services do a background check-up on the tenants before making a final decision. They also know what to look for in every tenant and make sure the tenants meet up their standards. 

They check the tenant credit score, current income, criminal case, landlord reference, lifestyle choices, employment history, and many more.

This will determine if they will rent out the property to the tenant or not. This will also save the property owner the trouble of having a bad tenant. Property managers play an important in tenant placement services.

Stress-free property lease 

When it comes to leasing a property, property owners and renters are often opposing each other which often lead to a longer negotiation period. This is because renters might want something different and the property owner is not willing to provide it. The use of tenant management services makes the negotiation process faster and easier.

When you hire tenant management services, you will not have to deal with the hassle of negotiation, and you rest assured that you will get a profitable and fair lease.

How can a tenant management service keep a tenant happy? 

A tenant management service must keep a good tenant relationship. They also need to make both the tenant and property owner happy and satisfied. Treating the tenant with great respect and always attending to their need will help maintain a great and long-lasting relationship. 

Be reachable 

Tenant management services are responsible for maintaining the day-to-day activities of the property. They help in contacting contractors, repairs of damages, preparing paperwork, and many more. However, being busy with all these tasks is not an excuse for tenant management services to be unresponsive when tenants need their attention.

It is important to ensure the tenant can reach out to them when they are in need. It can be through email, direct messages, or phone calls. They should also be available during emergencies, office hours, and many more. By doing this, the tenant will feel safe and know you have their interest in heart. 

Gives prompt response 

Tenant management services should always give prompt responses every time the tenant contacts them when they are facing any inconvenient property problem. The problem should also be solved as soon as possible.

Tenant management services should tell the tenant to write a detailed report about the problem and they will contact a contractor to solve the problem. They ensure the property is well maintained and also ask tenants about feedback after the repair is done.

This will make the tenants their safety is very important to the management and they will be happy to stay longer on the property.  

Act professionally

Tenant management services are very professional therefore; they should address tenants in a very professional and polite way. They should be friendly with the tenant in a professional manner and also restrain from using curse words or bringing up uncomfortable conversations.

Tenant management services should also dress professionally. They should always remember to treat people the way they want to be treated. Acting professionally will make tenants equally respectful and also understand you know what you are doing and you mean business.

Be flexible and be a good listener 

Tenant management services should be a good listener. When tenants come to complain about anything, they should not lose their temper. They should listen with the intention of understanding and finding a lasting solution to the tenant’s complaint.

When you are a good listen, you will provide the best solutions. Tenant management services should be open-minded when tenants give suggestions. They should not feel they know all and try to implement very easy requests. Treat the tenant fairly and not be partial.

Stand by your rules and do not give special treatment to some tenants. Avoid gossiping with tenants. This is because tenant management services tend to find interest in some tenants when dealing with them. Tenant management services should also give confidential information about tenants to themselves. 

Can I pay someone to manage my rental property?

Yes, you can pay someone to manage your rental property. The one who will look after your rental property is known as property manager. He will take care of everything from managing the property to finding the perfect tenants for the property. Other responsibilities of a property manager include rent collection, tenant placement service, leasing property, and other such services. By paying someone i.e. property manager to manage your property will make you tension-free as everything will be looked after by a property manager.

What is tenant management software?

Tenant management software is a special piece of software that stores all the tenant data at one place. The data include name, address, contact information, and other personal details. Many property management companies use this software to track tenant rents, expenses, etc. This software makes the work of property managers comparatively easier to a certain extent.