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Monthly Rent:
First Monthly Rent:
First Monthly Rent:
Monthly Rent:

9% of monthly Rent

Rent collection

1Perform repair & Maintenance

Move-in & Move-out Inspections

Monthly Statements

Maintenance Coordination

Unlimited Phone/Email/Support

[$1200 * 0.09] = $108.00

70% of first month Rent

Processing & Screening Tenancy Application

Showing homeowner’s property to potential Tenants

Drafting lease agreement

Advertising photos

Maintenance Coordination

Unlimited Phone/Email/Support

[$1200 * 0.7] = $840

60% of first month Rent
+ 8% of monthly Rent

Includes everything:
-Property Management
-Tenant Placement

-Save 15% on your first month
-Save 12% on annualrent
-26-month Tenant Guarantee

[$1200 * 0.6] = $720 first month[$1200 * 0.08] = $96/month

All prices are subject to one time setup fee of $199.00.

1Repairs and maintenance are covered up to $250.00 per calendar year. Any additional repairs above $250.00 will be subject to homeowner approval and payment.

2If a tenant moves out without good cause, owner approval, breaks the lease or gets evicted from the home while the Tenant Guarantee is in effect, the guarantee is triggered.  A Tenant Guarantee covers the cost related to finding and placing a screened and qualified tenant into a rental home. A Tenant Guarantee does not cover the costs of turnover or repairs, unpaid rent or attorney fees.  Lease myPropertyTenant Guarantee is limited only to finding a new tenant without the owner incurring an additional service fees.  A Tenant Guarantee is not a refund of the original fee paid.