Homeowner Management Services

Here at Lease myProperty we are industry specialists who love helping homeowners just like you lease their property. Let us manage your properties, tenants and maintenance work so you can continue enjoying your life - we got this from here on out. At Lease my Property, our objective is clear that we understand what you want from a property manager as we too are investors and this is what sets us apart from other Homeowner management services.

Tenant Placement + Property Management – We do everything for you!

We will manage your properties, tenants and maintenance work so you don’t have to! With this service we guarantee we will find the right tenant, and look after your property so you have nothing to worry about.

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Homeowner Management Services

Property Management

If you want to manage your property yourself but need a hand finding the perfect tenant, we are here to help! Finding the right tenant is the most important step, after all your tenant is the person you entrust to look after one of your most important assets. We offer property management in Brampton. So, let us help you find the perfect tenant for your property.

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Abroad Homeowners + Virtual Property Manager

Are you a homeowner living abroad or impacted by COVID-19? If so, we’ve got you too! All of our homeowner management services are extendable to homeowners and investors that are living abroad and/or wanting to keep physical distance amid COVID-19 pandemic. We use WebEx and provide real time virtual tours so you feel you are right there with us and can have peace of mind that your property is being managed by professionals.

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Homeowner Management Services
Homeowner Management Services

Becoming a Landlord in the GTA is not an easy task

navigating through all Landlord-Tenant laws can me very time consuming and stressful. That is why we work with some of the best Paralegal Services in the business to provide you with extra piece of mind and that we got you covered.

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Residential and Commercial Homeowner Management Services

At Lease my Property our vision is quite simple and we look at the best forward-thinking provider of property management services in all of our markets. We give our clients and end-users the highest level of service at all times. We are known for offering you Homeowner management services across all areas of real estate and at each stage of the development life cycle. 

To make an asset work for financial gain usually requires tactical, flexible property management strategies and solutions. This extract, protect and enhance value and efficiency at every stage of ownership. Our property management team always stands when it comes to managing your asset, finding and retaining tenants, collecting rents, and overseeing maintenance and compliance. 

Whether you own a multi-asset of commercial properties, we at Lease My Property predict and react to market to market conditions, and tailoring our advice make you assure that your property gives you consistent returns on investment as you own it. 

Our Pro-active asset management will result in the following things:

At Lease My property we are serving clients throughout Canada. Our experienced property management and investors encompass a range of on-going activities including income management, lease compliance, and asset maintenance. 

Our expert hands-on property management services can add real value to any investment property. Also, proactive management is important in this area and helps to build good landlord, tenant relationships; its strengths income and cash flow management process, and this ultimately work to enhance the asset values.

Good property management is always an essential component for any successful Homeowner management services. And if implemented correctly then it can help you to safeguard rental income streams and create a positive impact on your property asset values. 

Adding value to your assets is our primary focus!

Our customer-first approach has been combined with a depth-knowledge of property and our global presence enables us to deliver best-in-class property management services to our clients and we offer an enhanced experience for occupiers, visitors, shoppers, and residents.  

By using our Homeowner management services, you are free to have as much as little involvement with the management team of our homeowner association management services. Our main objective is to meet all your specific needs as a landlord and we will always strive to achieve only the best possible return for your property. 

Professional Property Management:

At Lease My Property the professional homeowner management services aims to safeguard investment values and alleviate investors of the day-to-day management responsibilities of managing tenants by providing them an expert property management service incorporating regular reporting and direct communication. 

All our experienced property managers take a hands-on approach and only focus on the day-to-day activities of property management. This also includes tenant relationships so that to improve tenant retention and minimize voids to get happen, timely rent collection, service charge, financial control, reporting, regulatory compliance, management of site personnel and supplier services, and property repairs and maintenance. 

Our Homeowner Management Services include:

All our day-to-day homeowner management services for Landlords and property owners include:  

1) Income Management:

At Lease My Property our proactive income management of all rent and service charge collections, its cost recovery, etc. We evolve full financial management and reporting.

2) Lease Compliance:

Our Lease compliance monitors to ensure full tenant compliance with the lease obligations. 

3) Tenant Relationship Management: 

Our relationship management always tries to promote good tenants and maintain healthy relationships so that we can improve tenant retention and also helps in minimizing voids.

4) Regulatory Compliance: 

This ensures your entire Building regulations, planning laws, and other statutory matters get to deal with satisfactorily. 

Expert value Enhancement

At Lease, My property our expert managers form an integrated team and work closely with our asset managers and property investment specialists. Our holistic approach to the management of property delivers you significant investor benefits and ensures that all value is enhancing opportunities and are clearly identified, carefully evaluated, and implemented in a timely, cost-effective manner to add additional value to all your property investments. 

We preserve Wealth with Property:

Most of the time what investors won’t realize about commercial homeowner management services is that it contains a little correlation with the day-to-day performance of stock market equities and bonds. It means that in uncertain times and periods of market volatility, commercial property can help to preserve wealth.
While keeping in this mind and making a promise of regular rental payments, most of the investors are beginning to recognize what commercial property investments can do for them. However, if you fall in this category then you may want to familiarize yourself with the practical process of investing in the commercial property sector. 

Full-service Leasing:

We at Lease my Property while giving homeowner management services manages all your lease signing with the approved tenant and use a professionally prepared lease and ensure you that all proper contracts are executed correctly. During lease signing, the tenant also receives important information that will help you in preserving the value of your property. 

Moreover, the tenant also pays all rent, deposits, and fees following legal and financial regulations and has been recorded in your online account. Thus, a leasing agent and approved tenant conduct a walk-through to document conditions. This assists in accurately assessing the changes in conditions when the tenant wishes to move out. 

Timely evaluations:

Under homeowner management services, we also provide timely evaluations of a property. By time-to-time evaluating your property both inside and outside are beneficial to ensure the tenants that they are complying with the term of their lease and to assess property conditions. All the documentation and photographs from these evaluations help in determining maintenance and repairs needed to maintain your home’s value and avoiding potentially more costly repairs if left unattended. Evaluations also help in resolving tenant issues that might potentially arise.